Our Founder

Ng Chin Leng graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. After the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, he did something few Singaporeans would dare to do during those turbulent times – start a business based on an idea sparked by his experience in planning his own wedding.

Armed with an idea and plenty of youthful rashness and naivety, Chin Leng officially launched his baby, SingaporeBrides.com on April Fool’s Day of 2000. Many thought he was pulling a prank on them, but the truth couldn’t be further than that. Over the next decade, Chin Leng worked relentlessly to nurture the then first-of-its-kind website into one that Singaporean brides cannot do without for their wedding planning. But his success today, did not come easy. Chin Leng has had his share of setbacks during the first few years – he’s had doors slammed and backs turned on him but not once did he give up on his business idea.

His perserverance paid off tremendously. Today, SingaporeBrides.com brings in 3-4 million page views per month and boosts more than just a directory listing of wedding services and a forum. A man with foresight, Chin Leng went on to create a sister site, SingaporeMotherhood. And like SingaporeBrides, SingaporeMotherhood has become the one website Singaporean mothers cannot do without since its inception.