The one place brides, mothers and advertisers will turn to at first thought and cannot do without.

Our Mission

Tian Dot Com was the result of an entrepreneur’s desire to make information gathering easy and readily available for brides and mothers. More than a decade later, we at Tian Dot Com aim to be better than any simple guide to Weddings and Motherhood and be the one-stop destination brides, mothers and advertisers will turn to at first thought and cannot do without – all while maintaining the very purpose Tian Dot Com was built for.A� Learn More A�

The Boss of Tian

Chin Leng became an accidental boss when he was presented with an opportunity to turn his dream of an online platform that housed all wedding related information into reality and set the stage for his success today. The former engineer was forced to rethink his career options when the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 hit and made a move few men would. Chin Leng took a leap of faith with an idea inspired by his own wedding preparations and turned it into the roaring success as we know it today. Learn More Ai??

Company Structure

From a one-man show since the year 2000, Tian Dot Com has expanded to a talented crew of 12, consisting of editors, sales and marketing personnel, and web masters. To recount every individual’s journey to where we are today would be a long story. So, long story short, some aspired to be editors while others dreamed of being lawyers. While we may have started out with different ambitions and set our hearts on different paths, we are now all striving towards the same one – to make SingaporeBrides and SingaporeMotherhood the number one online wedding and motherhood platforms.

Wedding and motherhood planning made easy with information readily consolidated and available a mouse click away.